Happy holidays to you all!

With all of the goodies we eat (sometimes too much of) during this time of year, one healthy delicacy that we always look forward to are pomegranate arils. For those who are less familiar with the vocabulary, we refer to the juicy red seeds of the fruit as ‘arils’. De-seeding pomegranates by hand can be a cumbersome, time consuming, and downright messy task.. but these wonderful morsels are becoming more readily available in ready to eat packages at markets everywhere. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s accomplished, press play to watch this video of the ArilSystem in action.

The ArilSystem comes in many configurations and capacities, so small and large farms alike can automate the de-seeding of the wonder fruit we all love (especially during the holidays). Contact us today for more information about ArilSystem, and be sure to enjoy the holiday season by adding some fresh arils to your champagne!aril champagne